Why purchase in 2gaijin.com?

What is the difference of 2gaijin from other shops or platforms?

If you are new to Japan here is a good news. Almost anything you buy as 2nd hand or used in Japan is as good as new one. Japanese people love to take good care of their belongings. It could be their clothes, or furniture, or home appliances. So, by buying from 2gaijin.com we are helping foreigners to get good items in good condition.

However, it is not only helping foreigners to get good items, but also aligning our mission of decreasing waste and carbon footprint. You could think that hey Japan is recycling a lot and it is not something new to Japan. Did you know that 20% of Japanese waste is recycled? All other waste, including that was delicately cleaned and separated into different waste bags, all burns in the same oven?

So, by buying from 2gaijin.com you are also decreasing waste that would go to burning or in worst case landfill. Our goal is to decrease the waste as much as 1,000,000 house appliances in Japan in next 5 years .