Moving Service Sapporo Price

PRICING (Sapporo only)

  • 1 hour = ¥7260 (1 driver), includes service fee.
  • Additional ¥950/ 15 minutes.
  • Minimum charge of 1 hour!
  • You will be charged based on the TIME, not item number!
  • Additional 10% if you book within four days.
  • Additional ¥1000/hour if you need additional person, so 1 hour = ¥8260 (1 driver, 1 helper).


  • For cancellation/ change, please contact us directly via SNS or email!
  • We may refuse request to move items that are bigger than 270cm in dimension (L+D+H) and more than 50kg.
  • We are only responsible to move items that you listed when you book our service!
  • We are responsible only for moving your items, please prepare packing/disassembly/ installation by yourself.
  • We may help with installation, but it will also be counted to the final cost!
  • We may refuse request to move prohibited items or items that we deem to dangerous!
  • Cash only payment!