Fridge Washing Machine Disposal Service Sapporo

Fridge Washing Machine Disposal Service Sapporo

The most convenient way to dispose your big electronics

Need to empty your apartment soon?

Throwing away big electronics in Japan can be a hassle, since you need to make a phone call in Japanese and setup appointment for the pickup. But if you live in Sapporo, we can help you throwing away your fridge and washing machine by just contacting us, ENGLISH support available! (Sapporo only)

Pick up Service

We will come and pick up your unused fridge and/or washing machine, even if it is broken!


Our time is flexible! Just let us know your convenient time and we will adjust our schedule!

Disposal Price

Price includes tax and pick-up fee, cash only (Sapporo only).
Does not matter if it is broken or not, price does not change.



  • 2-door fridge less than 170L
  • For fridge larger than 170L or 3-door fridge please contact us.

Washing Machine


  • Normal washing machine
  • For industrial washing machine, please contact us!.

Please contact us if you want to order our service!

How to order our service?

For your convenience, please first fill out this FORM, and also please contact us directly via SNS listed below to keep in touch with us.