Get Extra Money in Japan

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Alright! after taking care of all basic procedures and cutting down all unnecessary costs, besides thinking how to be a good student, getting good grades, and polishing your Japanese skill, you may be left with another thing in your mind; how to earn extra money to help your parents paying for the tuition fee. There are some options available:

Before you read this part, check the back of your residence card! make sure you have the following written on the back:

During your arrival in Shin-Chitose Airport, you will be asked whether or not you can work part-time in Japan, if you say `yes` the following sentence (in red circle) will be added to the back of your residence card.

Besides the residence card, you must also check whether or not your current program allows you to get a part-time job or not! Besides having permit, in Japan, unless you possess nationality from English-speaking countries (USA, Canada, Australia, England, etc) it will be harder for you to get a part-time job if you do not possess at least basic Japanese conversational skills! If you do not mind non English-teaching jobs (usually pay around ¥1000-¥1350/hour), you can also work in customer service area! (cashier, waiters, chef, and sales representative) The wage for this kind of service part-time is around ¥800-¥1000/ hour. In order to conform with Japanese law, make sure you do not work more than 28 hours per week (if you are a student).

Apply for scholarships

Check with your faculty whether or not they have any kind of scholarship programs offered to the students in the faculty. If you are confident with your grades from previous study, you can also apply for MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) scholarship. This scholarship will cover not only tuition fee of your study, but also it will provide monthly allowance to you depending on what kind of degree you are pursuing:

  • Undergraduate Students: 120,000 yen/month
  • Japanese Intensive Course Students and Research Students: 146,000 yen/month
  • Master’s Program Students: 147,000 yen/month
  • Doctoral Program Students: 148,000 yen/month

Sounds interesting right? but as good as it looks, the application procedure for this scholarship is also hard and full of hard works; it took me full two years of preparation to finally get this scholarship. Based on my experience, there are two ways to apply for this scholarship:

  • By applying directly through Japanese embassy located in your country.
  • By sending emails to some professors whose research field is related to yours.

Good luck!

If you are a graduate student with good enough English/ Japanese, you may ask your supervisor for one of these positions:

  • Teaching Assistant (TA):
    • the pay is up to¥1350\hour
    • limited to 28 hours per week
    • helping professor grading home works;
    • preparing materials both inside/outside classroom
  • Tutor:
    • the pay is up to ¥1000/ hour,
    • limited to60 hours per semester per student you are tutoring
    • Helping student who will soon graduate fixing the graduation paper.

Every faculty may have different rules regarding these two positions, check with each of your own faculty!

Information provided in here is based on personal experience, if you have another opinion, feel free to contact us!

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