Charity Works team are also more than happy to hold some charity works for the people of Japan who are in needs, elders, orphans, handicapped people, victims of natural disaster (earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, etc), and also other Japanese people in needs of help. For those who has some ideas for charity works, feel free to contact the webmaster (link)

Cooperation with Earth-Loving Associate (ELA)

ELA was established by Professor Rikio Kaneko, a retired Professor who used to teach in Sapporo University. ELA main goal is to promote understanding between people from many different countries. 

Official Logo of ELA
Prof. Rikio Kaneko (blue cap), with some of his AirBnB guests

Retirement does not keep Prof. Kaneko from doing hard works. He is currently running an AirBnB business, both in his own house and some other properties he owns in Sapporo, Hokkaido. 

ELA is pronounced as Chikyuu Ai Nakama (地球愛仲間), and currently has more than 350 members from all over the worlds!

Currently, ELA has produced some caps with ELA logo printed on the front. 

These caps are available in five colors.
  • Price: 500 Yen/ item (any color) 
  • Available colors: navy blue, turquoise, lime green, pink, and Italian red

The 1% profit margin from the sale of these caps will be as such:

  • 0.5% goes to Red Cross and Children Suffering from Hunger and Wars
  • 0.3% goes to world-wide organizations for friendship and peace
  • 0.2% goes to Earth-Loving Company for a copyright fee of the logo mark

Do you want to contribute? purchase one right now! this cap can be ordered via online order. LINK

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