About Us

Word gaijin is a Japanese word which means foreigner. 2Gaijin.com is a website designed special for all foreigners living in Japan to buy or sell 2nd hand goods. By `foreigners` does not only mean English-speaking foreigners, but also other foreigners whose first language is not English, (Chinese, Indonesian, and others). Main purposes of 2Gaijin.com are:

  • to reduce environmental waste that came from second hand goods being thrown away by foreigners as they leave Japan.
  • to provide a more effective online platform for foreigners to trade their second hand goods.
  • to help University students saving more money for textbooks, by giving them access to an online platform that makes it easier for students to sell away their unused textbooks.
  • to provide means for new-coming foreigners to find second hand furniture, beds, bicycles and/or other equipment that some leaving foreigners are willing to sell with cheaper price.
Japanese people who are interested to sell/buy second hand goods to/from foreigners are more than welcome to join!